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"Ripples across the Water - about Bob Moore's Impulse"

is an anthology - a tribute and memoir about Bob Moore (1928-2008) - an unusual and exemplary human

The book derives from a deep gratitude. A gratitude to be recognized, meeting the love that lives deep within
us all, getting in touch with our innermost and meeting a human being who could be a living example of what
we all carry in our potential. Everyone who contributed to this book expresses gratitude.

The impulse that came through Bob Moore, and who touched us so deeply, is hereby attempted made visible.
Not in a complete sense, but through the resonance from some of the ripples in the water it created, and which
continue to create ripples ... and resonance.

The book is a flower bouquet of personal testimonies from various authors. Almost half of them are based on
interviews. I am grateful to have been instrumental in bringing these contributions forward, contributions that
form a rare impression of the enormous importance that Bob Moore has had not only through his teaching but
also - and not least - through his being .
Many more testimonies could have been include, also from people who were very close to Bob.

Under the menu item "More" you will find the table of contents with an overview of the book's chapters
and authors, as well as the backside text, written by Steen Hildebrandt.
I am grateful to Steen Hildebrandt for being available for sparring during the book process.

I hope you feel inspired to read the book.

Briefly about the author

Annette Ikast was born in 1952 in Rødovre
just outside Copenhagen and has taught   meditation and healing based on Bob Moore's impulse since the 1980s.
From 1989-1993 she lived in the Netherlands and contributed
to the development of management courses for companies.
Annette acts as lecturer, meditation teacher and conversation partner and has taught Argentine tango for 10 years.
Author and editor of the book "
Ripples across the Water - about Bob Moore's Impulse", published in August 2018.

See more at www.annetteikast.dk

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