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Bob Moore´s biography

Bob Moore was born on 19th August 1928 in Hillsborough, south of Belfast, in Northern Ireland. He was the first of nine children; one sibling died in infancy, another died aged 1½, so throughout Bob’s childhood they were seven siblings. Next in line after Bob was his brother Stanley who became an engineer and moved to England when he grew up. Stanley died in an accident when he was 33, which hit his father very hard. Sisters Margaret and Alice moved to the United States and England respectively. There was another sister, Lene, and two brothers, one of whom Ramsey, became a police officer, and the youngest, George, called Billy, worked for Air Lingus, the Irish national airline in London.

Bob was named after his father, Robert Samuel, who was named after his father, who was named after his father before him – a tradition Bob broke when he called his son Colin.

Bob’s upbringing in the Presbyterian family was strictly religious, with very restrictive rules of behaviour. You had to be seen to go to church, so Bob went both to church and to Sunday school. When he was preparing for confirmation he attended church four times a week.  The family was originally from the working class and had done well.  

Bob was a very shy and introverted child who was uncomfortable being with others, and instead immersed himself in books and in his studies….to be continued in the book  

("Ripples on the water - on Bob Moore's impulse"


The Danish version of the book is 298 pages and is sold in bookshops and online stores. ISDN: 978-87-4300-635-0

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An English translation will be released during 2019.

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